Questions which are frequently asked about numerology.

  1. What are numbers? From where they have been originated or who discovered them?
  2. Who is cherio? and what role did cherio played in the science of numerology and palmistry?
  3. What is Numerology and what is the importance of numbers and alphabets in numerology? How can numerology have influence on humans life?
  4. Is there any negative effects of numerology? Why this science didn’t come into fame?
  5. Can numerology change the fate of a person?
  6. What is the difference between numerology and astrology?
  7. What are the rules and regulations to become a perfect numerologist?

Fastest Numerology:-

There are many ways of predicting fortune in different countries like astrology, palmistry, tarot reading, face reading, graphology, nadi jyotism and numerology etc. Among all of them numerology is the only way which is very easy to use and predict and help us to have good going life which needs only our date of birth and our name.

Being a numerologist i take the date of birth and name of the client and starts telling about my client by the combination of numbers present in their date of birth and the name number present in their name.

The best overall Numerology:-

In various ways of predicting the fortune numerology is said to be best overall because only with the help of your date of birth and name we can say the influence of the name on the body, what profession should be opt, lucky day, colors, dates, marriage matching, gemstone and many more nearly 15 to 20 topics can be given only on the basis of name and date of birth.

Name adjustment for quick results:-

When my client approaches me, he/she gives there date of birth and calling name by seeing the name number i can analyze the situation what that person is undergoing. So, if name has a bad influence then he/she will be suffering with several problems in many ways. That time when a particular person's date of birth is taken and the calculations are done to see what is the real numbers and fadic number and then there name number is adjusted in a such a way that name gets favorable to these two numbers then it starts showing good results for that person in there all proceeding works. If it is not possible to change they name then the changed and adjusted name should be written daily for a particular number of times for certain number of days to get changes to fulfill they tasks easily.

Business & Birth names:-

In world people invest huge amount of money and select a business to earn good returns. According to me the name of a business is just like a head of the business which represents that business on every valued papers and everywhere. When this name has a bad number in it which reflects on the complete business where ever the business is called by that name. That’s why a good perfect lucky name suggested to business can give you a profitable returns for his investments.

When a child is born we have to consider his/her date of birth, time of birth and name can be adjusted in a such a way that with a lucky and fortunate number in his/her name then his complete life is tuned in a such a way that he can enjoy a good and fortunate life.

Delay in Marriage & Martial Problems:-

Marriage is like a contract system in other part of the world but when this comes in India it is not a contract but it is like a believe and faithful relationship between two person’s which is connected with customs and cultures with should be carried on for a lifelong. That’s why in India it is given most importance in selecting the matches. Numerology can be helpful in match making because by selecting a life partner of whose’s birth number is matching or having affinity or compatibility or attractions can be selected to have a smooth and fortunate mental peace married life.

According to numerology when certain numbers come as a combination or in the sequence of date , month or year there is a chance of delay in marriage or there can be no marriage also. In this type of situation which the help of some numerological tips and name adjustments to a good and lucky number which favors to birth number and destiny number it can help them to get married to a suitable person. According to Numerology there are several reasons for problems in marital life like not married on suitable date or they birth numbers are not matching and etc. which can be rectified with the help of a prefect numerologist.

Crash Course for Numerology:-

From past several years being in the field of Numerology and Alternative therapies and being a professional Numerologist. My aim is to spread this science to each and every one. So, that they can use this science to have a comfortable and smooth going fortunate life . I thought to start my Numerology classes and I was supported by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), Secunderabad Chapter, And they appointed me as Numerology lecturer and then I started teaching Numerology for 1 hour on every Sunday from 9 a.m to 10 a.m and duration of the courses is for 24 classes (6 months.) which is a certified course.

Due to certain reasons and to focus more on Astrology ICAS has removed the Numerology and Palmistry courses from the Chapter. Then i thought to launch my own crash course of Numerology which can be completed within 15 sessions which covers the complete portion of Numerology which can be flexible for the people who want to learn it very fast.